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Closing date: 26th October 2018


DEPP Innovation labs are a two-year programme (currently at the beginning of its second year), which forms part of the wider Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP). The programme is funded by UK Aid and managed collaboratively by the Communications with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) and Start Networks.

The DEPP Innovation lab programme has set up and is managing several innovation labs in 4 disaster prone countries (Bangladesh, Jordan, Kenya and Philippines). Each lab has identified and is supporting the development and scaling of promising innovation in disaster preparedness.

The Innovation labs are promoting emerging local solutions to disaster related problems, by putting crisis- affected people at the centre of their processes. Labs are located within disaster-prone areas and many innovators are community members. Communities are continually engaged in the design of the lab processes, from identification of the problem area to selection of innovations for scaling. Their feedback informs the refinement of labs and innovative ideas. We believe that engagement optimises the lab processes and innovations, by making them more relevant and sustainable.

Experience from other initiatives highlights the difficulty in taking an innovation from the pilot stage and scaling it up and out. This is referred to as ‘innovation’s missing middle’; a complex space that needs much more attention if an increasing number of pilot program investments are to scale and have an impact. To address this challenge, DEPP labs are integrating systems thinking into the design process so that innovations are more resilient and scale-ready as they transition out of the lab. To do this, they have created the space for collective experimentation and new forms of interaction with external partners that may not be possible in traditional programming models. They are also encourage innovators to think about scale


DEPP Innovation Labs are looking for a research specialist to develop a paper that explores different pathways to financing and making innovations sustainable. We recognise the increasing amount of research on this topic and the need to complement rather than replicate these efforts. This paper will focus on the viability/appropriateness of different pathways when the end-user is vulnerable to natural or man-made disasters and has limited capacity to pay. It will also explore the compromises and trade-offs that innovators are required to make when pursuing them. In examining this broad topic through this lens is important to our programme – we are supporting innovations that address the disaster needs of vulnerable populations – and address a significant gap in current research. The paper will also explore potential financial instruments or other mechanisms that could be implemented at a programme level to help increase innovators’ access to a variety of funding mechanisms.

This piece of work is exciting as, whilst there are a number of questions that we would like explored, there is ample opportunity for the researcher to suggest additional questions or areas they consider important.

Instructions on how to submit a tender

Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit the following;

  • Letter of interest in submission of a proposal
  • A detailed proposal clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of this ToR and including but not limited to the following:
    • Consultant’s profile
    • Statement of previous experience in similar assignments and the required qualifications outlined in this ToR.
    • Description of the proposed approach to the research, explaining why the approach was selected and including any proposed additions to this ToR considered necessary and appropriate.
    • Proposed outputs from research, for example this may include report, executive summary, webinars, animations.
    • Proposed data management plan (collection, processing and analysis).
    • Proposed timeframe detailing activities and a work plan.
    • A financial proposal for the design of the surveys quoted in GBP (also see section 4.2)
    • A daily rate for additional ad-hoc support quoted in GBP
  • Contact details of two references

All applications should be sent electronically to: DEPPLabs@startnetwork.org with attachments in pdf and a subject line: Pathways to scale proposal

Click here for full ToR: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MyiNORvQMnqkclNj6ZdEQm784s3vLIIZ

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